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‘Changing of the Sentry’

This is an authentic staging of an activity which takes place in front of the 1804 Main Guard (Clock Tower), still known today as ‘The Main Guard’

Garrison Tunnels

Until June 2011, the existence of the Garrison Tunnels had drifted almost into ‘folklore’. The accidental re-discovery, by the Garrison Consortium at that time...more.

‘Dinner with George’

A unique and prestigious interactive dining & theatrical experience, at which George Washington relays his life’s story at, and around, the dinner table


The Barbados Garrison is generally understood to be the most authentic and complete 18th & 19th century British garrison anywhere in the world and its recent recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage site has re-emphasised its significant place in human history.  The Garrison Consortium was instrumental in achieving this international status and continues to work, tirelessly, in developing the area into one of the regions foremost heritage attractions while promoting proper practices in its conservation.

Historic research into the Garrison area is constantly on-going, and this allows us to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information through our tours and other forms of site interpretation and communication.  Our goal is to achieve the highest standards possible in all aspects, giving both the local and foreign visitor an experience to be remembered!

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